Sunday, April 08, 2007


I started spinning yesterday.. I bought this roving from Copper Moose last yr, or maybe the yr before... I'm planning on making a sweater... I'm thinking the Ribby Cardi ?? but I'll see once I get it spun up... I'm also planning on spinning some brown roving I bought from the same site... there's no label on the bag so all I can tell you is that it's brown

Anywho this is maple sugar roving:
( don't you just love the colors??)

and pre-drafted:
(still lovely)
and a bad pic of the spun yarn..

I'll post a pic of the yarn tomorrow when there's better light... I must brag here a bit and say that this is the most balanced yarn I have EVER made.

I took it off the niddy noddy and hung it on the telescope, so I wouldn't mess up the yarn
( and so I could look and admire it )

it's a 2 ply aprox worsted weight...

so far I have 638 yards.
( 2 skeins)

If I do make the ribby cardi I'm planning on using the maple sugar for the arms and collar and the brown for the body.. I think that might look good.

Thanks for the comments on Trellis,
Kate I did block it like you would for a wool sweater, I pinned it out and let it dry and it did bounce back a bit after I took the pins out but not to bad.. it actually looks better than before.

I love it and would make it again...

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow that is gorgeous!!! I so love the colours in that (before and after spun)...

I have SO much fleece..I wish I could send you some of it..get you to spin it up (and let you keep half as payment) and send half back! Do you spin sockweight ply? I really gotta learn how to spin!


Anonymous said...

Oh and Happy Easter!!


amanda j said...

Ooh, that is some gorgeous fibre and yarn! Well done!