Wednesday, April 25, 2007

rabbits and Daisy

2 of our bunnies were in need of new cages... so I made 2.. now each bunny has their own cage... 2 were sharing with some wire inbetween.
Those 2 were a Koko and Georgie... now last weekend when I went to work they were on thir own sides... when the girls went out to feed them a hour later.. Koko was in Georgies side.....
3 more weeks to go!
We so didn't want this to happen... it was so unexpected as they have been cage buddies for just about 2 yrs with out one breaking into the other side.
so in a couple months we'll have bunnies for sale.


and Georgie.

each one is sporting a new hair cut too... and are now very happy bunnies!

and here's a cute little pic of Daisy... it sure is hard to get a good pic since she so fast.

till next time...

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babies babies everywhere!!!