Wednesday, March 14, 2007

old clunky

Still no new modem... I phoned today again and they say none of their stock has showed up this week yte.. I'm getting mad... they shouldn't say a day it's going to be in when they don't know for sure?!?!?! So I'm still on old clunky.... better than nothing... I can do a bit of surfing, but the pages take forever to download so I'm really only on here to check e-mail... and if I need a pattern... you know emergencies ;)
I'm ready to go to the city to get one.. they have them instock there, plus they'll put it in too, ( not that thats hard)
On the plus side of not having my good computer up and running, I've finished 2 pairs of socks and have started a third!!
the first pair is the the funky wave socks.. Naiomi loves them!! and they also fit me well
and I made a pair of toe up with the blue camo with a waffle pattern... 2 rows knit the next row K1, P1.... on 66 sts ... nice and cozy!
and now I'm working on Daisy Socks ( I'll link to it later) with some cherry tree hill sock yarn I had won online from a blogger.. I think it's the peacock colorway... I lost the tag.. but it's very pretty jewel tone colors. and the daisys show up nicely on it. I did a picot hem ( I started at the cuff) 2 repeats and have turned the heel) so it's going pretty fast now.
Better go make supper.... I won't promise when I'll be back.... but cross your fingers for me that it'll be this week!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I so cant wait to see the piccies of all these socks! They all sound so great!!!

You have done a lot of knitting. Then again I found when I didnt have a computer for a month my house was cleaner and I did a lot of knitting too! lol