Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'mmm Backkkk

did ya miss me??

So on monday I drove to the city to pick up a modem, I have extended warranty, and the part should of been free, right?? well I had to pay for it.. the manager is going to get a phone call tomorrow!

Boy was I doing some swearing on the way home!

anyway onto better things... my SIP

Daisy socks magic looped of course

with cherry tree hill yarn.

Like Sarah said you have to do some rearranging of the numbers of the pattern, then it works out fine.

I did 2 repeats at the cuff, and with only 4 knit sts inbetween the repeats.

At the toe I had to have 8 knit rows before starting the toe.. but tis ok.

and the camo socks:

no pics of Naiomis socks yet they're in the dryer ;)

edit: dryer is done, and here are the socks:

very funky, no? lol

so here I leave you with the latest farm animal:


isn't he the cutest little thing??

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Yarn Devil said...

I love your sockies! and your newest animal is the sweetest!!