Sunday, March 04, 2007

dog sitting, sock knitting and some tim tams

This is Dusty.. she was Alberts moms dog before she passed last yr, after that she went to live with Alberts sis and bro in law ( Ann and Mitch) they were going away for a couple days and asked if we'd watch her till tuesday... well whats one more animal at our place?? lol here she is trying to give me her best side for the picture:

nope, not that side.. lets try the other side:

Ahhh, thats better:
Dusty was born dec 1993.. she she's getting up there, but still doing good!

This is what I've been working on the past week... it's my own pattern and Naiomi loves them, so I told her if she can come up with a name I'll knit them for her.
She named them Funky Wave socks.
they sure are funky arn't they?? lol

and lookie what I can get here right in Canada!!!!

Yummy tim tams.

I found them at the Superstore in the city yesterday.

they're good, but not as good as the strawberry ones Kate had sent before.

till next time...


Anonymous said...

Tim Tams in Canada!! I have been made redundant!!!! Though I still have all the other flavoured ones here! muaahaahaaaa

Aaaaw what a gorgeous puppy dog!

Sock looks great. I agree Funky Wave sock is a great name!


Emma said...

What a cute little pup. Cute socks too!

Jane said...

awww - isn't he cute! What kind of dog is he? Tim Tams look good!

Dandy said...

Kate, of course you'll have to send me the flavors, regular chocolate will get boring after while.. we've already ate one package ( bought 2)

Thanks Emma!

Jane, nice to see you here, the dog is a purebred Pom.. Tim Tams are the best... altho they do taste better after a long wait from Australia!