Wednesday, February 28, 2007

now she's really happy!!

I kitchenered last night about 10:30.....


(it's in the top right hand corner)

Opal Ambiente # 36117

I did change the pattern just a smidge

I used a short row toe and heal and only knit one repeat for the ankle, which turned out to be the perfect size for ankle socks.

Naiomi wants a pair now only in blue!

I'm not to sure if I have blue, so in the mean time I might have to make another pair for me... or I got this in the mail yesterday:

Opal Space
they both work up to be camo looking
the one on the left is #35263 and the right #35264
If Albert is lucky I'll knit him some with the green camo.
he has sz 10 feet... way bigger than my sz 7s,
I don't know if I can knit that much sock with out getting totally bored with them??
the blue is for me ;)
I got them from this ebayer,
she usually just e-mails me when there is new yarns, I've never had a problem.
off to find a big man pattern for socks.....


Donna said...

Random Knits

Katt said...

oooh they look great!!

Are you trying to make me jealous!! SOB SOB...we dont have that Opal here!!

I soooooooo want some of that green one!! lol

I cant wait to see them knitted up


amanda j said...

Those are some lovely socks! I might have to make myself a pair when I have finished all the others I am doing now!

Yarn Devil said...

mmm your socks are beautiful! I love your new yarns too!