Sunday, June 11, 2006

no animals.. yet

so we went to the auction sale yesterday.... and boy if your "into" chickens there were so many different kinds... but I'm not a chicken person, so they all stayed there. there were some goats, a couple calves and pigs... still not what were looking for...
Mel and Trish know a guy ~ who knows a guy~ and we got his number.
we would of went there today to have a look but he phoned this morning and it was pouring rain, and was so muddy that he couldn't get to the animals ~ so we'll go another day.
He has 2 Llamapaca females and 1 pure alpaca male.... said he doesn't want them all any more so if we get them all he'll give us a deal... might have to convince Albert to get the male too... ;~)

could sell the babies and make a little extra cash, this way they could help pay for themselves....
well we'll see... he's set on not having babies....

till next time

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