Monday, May 01, 2006

wips updates

here's Eris... one sleeve done and working on the other one. I need it done and blocked by May 9th for mom's B-day... it WILL be done!! lol... or at least thats what I'm telling myself..

and because it's crunch time on the sweater I also cast on some new socks..
2 socks on 1 circ
2.0 mm 40 inch needle
cherry tree hill in peacock
( the stuff I won from Jill)
turkish cast on
and this pattern
altho I'm not making them long they'll be ankle socks as usual
and I'm going to add in a little motif on the foot of the sock, something cute and springy
and I wasn't to sure if I would like knitting socks this way (I learnt on DPN's) but I'm really loving it, it's fast altho the forst few rows kinda boggle my mind, but once you get past that


Anonymous said...

Are the socks for your mum too?

I hope you get the jumper done in time! I bet she will love it to pieces (well not to actual pieces or you might cry...But you get the idea).


Dandy said...

nope, the socks are for

I just hope she doesn't wash it in the washer, or it'll be a teeny tiny felted sweater ;~S

Anonymous said...

It will go from wearable to a christmas tree decoration!

Lets hope she doesnt wash it in the washer then. I know my mother is a knitter. But I am going to included the ball band with the pressie (cos it has the washing instructions).