Thursday, April 27, 2006

I dug myself a hole

here's my old pong.. we're moving it because were planning on getting a couple animals, so have been fencing off the yard

see all the gravel on the left hand corner, I forgot just how much we had put in there ( about 4 or 5 inches), and needless to say, when you have to move the pond liner all the gravel has to come out.
I'm not putting gravel in the new pond ;~)
here's the new spot, you can kinda see it in the middle of the garden, it's a figure 8 shape

here's a better pic.. minus the thumb in the pic

Now when we finally got the liner to the new pond... it was too small.... &^!%#$%*

yep there was a few choice words in

so we filled in the one hole and made the other one bigger, notice all the levels, I never had good levels in the other pond, it'll be nice for plants that need different depths of water.

here it is with the liner, filter ( the big white barrel with the tubing) some plants and water... I'd adding more water as I type, and am going to run it all day and add the fish in tomorrow... they're just itching to get out there, by this time last yr they were out for 2 weeks already, I'll post a new pic once I have it more together.
oh and look what I found crawling on DJ's head... a tick!!


at least it hadn't dug itself in yet, that just grosses me out to pick them out of the skin

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Anonymous said...

bugger about having to move it!

lets hope the fishie like their new home!!

eeeeeeeeeeeew about the tick