Sunday, January 22, 2006

they're done

omg, I really can't believe I got BOTH mitts done this weekend... considering that I started so late.. like 6 pm sat night... knit until 1 am, slept for a couple hrs, and knit ALL day long again today... they just came off the needles and had their little ends tucked in... the tension in the second mitt is better so that one is slightly bigger than the first, not much tho
I'm wearing them tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

They look good.

Carrying the colours across the back can be hard. I stretch my knitting out and stick a finger between the knitting and the yarn to make sure I have enough.

I am worried about being able to knit a whole kids cardigan in 30 plus degree heat within 16 days!! What was I thinking?


Dandy said...

thanks for the tip Kate!

I know, now I'm really thinking that Eris won't get done. Some of it, but not all. of well it's worth a try!

Suburban Hooker said... the mitts Vicki! You did a great job on them!!!

Unknown said...

I am sitting here with my mouth wide open wondering how I can be like you. . . ;) Great job!

Minna said...

Your mittens look very good! ;)