Sunday, August 21, 2005

Stupid Bird!!

blue heron prevention
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the other morning I was going to feed the rabbits when I hear this crashing coming from the fish pond... a Blue Heron this bird has been around for yrs and yrs and has never even came to check out my fish, UNTIL the other morning!!! now all of my fish are wallymart specials at about 58 cents each, but they were about 6 - 7 inches long and I've had them for about 5 yrs, and one was/is a shubunkin and cost me about $9 at the pet shop... they even laid eggs this yr!

I thought I lost all the fish.. I went to have a look and all I could see was the fish bits in the bottom... boy was I pissed!! after work I went back to the pond and found about 5 or 6 fish... mostly orange ones but also 1 whiteish now my shubunkin was mostly white so I'm hoping that he's still in there... there is loads of algae in the pond which helped to save these fish, and really now I think isn't all that bad.

DJ helped me to put the chicken wire across the top of the pond and is now our Blue Heron prevention

The fish are still in there hiding mode, so It'll take a few days or more for me to know actually how many are left, but some of their eggs made it into the filter and are growing up in there, I'll have to scoop them so I can have fish next yr!

stupid bird!!


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed your Shubunkin is still there. More so fingers crossed that when the eggs hatch the other fish dont eat them ;)

Our nextdoor neighbour has a huge two tier pond (with little lake joining them). And she has a MASSIVE gold fish in the top one and smaller ones down the botton one. I have never seen birds try to get hers but they are hard to find with all the plants and algae.

Dandy said...

well the eggs have hatched and probally some have been eaten, but thats ok.. I don't need 200