Sunday, August 21, 2005


id•i•o•syn•cra•sy - a structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. Write down 5 of your own idiosyncrasies, then if you wish, tag 5 people.

1. I LOVE starting a new project... the only thing is that if it's not fast and easy It probally won't get done... so far I have 3 lonely socks with out mates.

2. I like having a nice clean house, but I hate cleaning it.

3. I love cutting the grass, and get upset at Albert when he goes and cuts it trying to be nice so I don't have to cut it.

4.I give the kids vitamins every night at supper time, but don't take mine at the same time and forget to take them later.

5. I tell the kids to put stuff away from the living room, but as I look around I have 2 spinning wheels, 3 pails of yarn and WIP's, 1 box of roving and another box with spun yarn... ;~S

and since I took so long to get this done I'm sure I'm the last person in the blogging world to finish this, so you are all excused from the tagging of id•i•o•syn•cra•sy


Anonymous said...

Adam said if you like cutting lawn you can come do ours ;)

How you doing hun? Its been ages since we have had a chat.


Dandy said...

if he pays for the ticket I'll be there.. and while I'm there I'll teach you to crochet... it's a 2 for 1 deal!!

Anonymous said...

ROFL..I loved two for one deals! lol