Monday, August 01, 2005

garage sales rock!!

pink lace weight
Originally uploaded by DandyLion1974.
look what I got at the garage sale, it was in a bag of different yarns for $1, how cool is this, it's a lace weight, and the balls are about a softball size... now the question is what to make with these??

any suggestions??


yarn_nut said...

Why don't you try the Charlotte's web shawl? I've made that one and it's really cool in a solid. There's a pic on my blog if you want to see it. Folk shawls has a whole bunch of shawl patterns that would look really pretty with your yarn. I'm so jealous you scored something so nice at a garage sale.

Cheryl said...

socks are always good...what kind of fiber is it?

Mitchypoo said...

oh, yes, a shawl. This book has some great shawls in it