Thursday, August 04, 2005

back 40

we started putting up fence posts last night, have 17 in the ground, we're planning on getting some animals, probally next spring... a couple sheep maybe a llama or 2, and some pygmy goats for sure... they're adorable!! And if DJ got her way there would be some horses in there too.

here's a few of my pond fish... there's 17 all together, and they're aprox 5 to 6 inshes long, all but one are from wally world and cost 58 cents each, there's one shubunkin that cost me just about $9, I had 3 but the other 2 died, what a bugger being that they cost so much, from now on I'm only buying walmart fish!

a new pic of the new fuzzkins, they're getting big and SO fibery!

and they are also pooping freaks!!I just cleaned up under there late last night and already this morning there's a pile... must mean that they are a healthy bunch.

Me and the girls are off to Trish's today for a fibery fun day, knitting, crocheting and spinning!

sounds good huh??

till next time...

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