Friday, June 10, 2005

like mother........... like daughter

Naiomi spinning
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Naiomi is spinning AGAIN!!
I'll never get to use my wheel, now Naiomi is done and DJ is spinning.

Naiomi's yarn is for sale on eBay

please check it out... she wants to save her money from her sales to buy a wheel all of her own....

in my spinning news, I won some merino/alpaca/camel on eBay and is it ever soft!! and from the best seller, what a bargin I tell ya!
I spun up a bobbin of the soft stuff this afternoon, will spin up one more and ply them

nighty nite all

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh good thing they are taking a loving to the craft too! Do they know how to knit yet? Its great to know that the craft will live on in the next generation isnt it?

And that she wants to buy her own wheel is even better!