Tuesday, June 14, 2005

flower spindle

flower spindle
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isn't it pretty... I had seen one on eBay but it was "crazy" as they put it... and I LOVED them!! so wanted to buy one but didn't want to pay that much for something I could make myself, Trish ( and I'm linking to you then you'll have to update your blog ;~) ..lol) told me they have some flowers in town, picked up some when I was there today and whipped up this spindle this afternoon, sorry about the pic but my camera doesn't take good close up pics, there is a hook on the end it's where the glare is, it's still drying so will let you know how it spins another day...

Naiomi is spinning so well, I'm still predrafting for her, and the last batch she spun up is so even, she made about 40 yards, I'm really thinking about getting her her wheel, probally a
Babes Fiber Starter double treadle....

and DJ well poor girl I don't think spinning will be her thing... or it's taking her a while longer to catch on, try try again.....

catchya later

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Anonymous said...

Flower spindle looks gorgeous!

DJ will get better I bet, younger you are better you pick things up...Or maybe she will knit better then Naiomi?