Tuesday, June 28, 2005


bunnies 002
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We went to see the bunnies tonight, she has grey, a browny/grey, and white.... we were only going to get 2 but, I think we have to get 3.. DJ wants a grey, Naiomi has her heart set on a white and I want a brown... the only thing is that if we get the brown too, we'll have to let her use him for breeding after... not a prob there...... I'm thinking we'll get 3...lol

I also found out that they are french angoras, we can go and pick them up July 7th or 8th....

so exciting!


noricum said...

They're so sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaw they are so cute!! Uuum are they all the same sex? lol..I can just see you with a billion baby rabbits in a few months after getting them ;) lol

Cant wait to see knitting piccie.