Thursday, May 26, 2005

super strength plutonium batteries

Well this afternoon I had huge plans to make a "yarn for sale" page in flickr, got the yarn I spun all together and marked out, with colors how many meters are in the skein.... get the camera out, and you got it baby... the batteries are dead!!

so I says to myself..."self, try the diskman and remotes?" but those arn't strong enough to run my little bitty camera long enough to take 7 or 8 pictures?!?!

I need super strength plutonium batteries for that sucker!!

SO needless to say it'll be another day I'll get my page working..

((((((huge sigh))))))

until then....

keep spinning....


Unknown said...

I got your yarn today, it is beautiful! Thank you again and I'll put pics on my blog later.

Anonymous said...

Oooh bugger. we have rechargable batteries in our digi. It only takes a few hours to get them charged up to take piccies with again.
Tis aaaall good! Cant wait until you get the site up and running though.