Sunday, May 29, 2005

Forestry Farm

Yesterday we went to the forestry farm in saskatoon, for your viewing enjoyment, I took pick of just about all the animals

here are the baby pygmy goats, these little cuties we're probally only a couple weeks old, you could just pick them up and put them in your pocket...too cute

Red Squirel munching on some lunch


Canadian Geese and their babies... when we got too close they started hissing at us..just a warning to keep away from their babies.

a fox

there were Peacocks all over the place, we wanted to get a pic with their tail feathers open... found one later

Red Hawk


this Lynx was stalking some chickens that are wandering around the park, he got so close then realized he probally wouldn't be able to rip down the fence so just sat there and watched them

isn't he pretty
here's a swift fox, they are pretty tiny and put on a good show for us, we went to the zoo later in the afternoon so most of the animals were out and about.

this wolf was out but not about, and didn't seemed please about being in my pics!

These snow leopards are new to the zoo, they have only been there for a couple yrs, there are 2 of them.

a close up

Some Great Horned Sheep

a Elk... look at that velvet on the horns, so soft, the horns grow about a inch a day, and he has probally has about a months growth on them, they will get huge before he sheds them later in the yr

a bison, they are shedding their winter hair, we were lucky enough some blew close enough so we could reach some, I'll take a pic of the bit we got and post it in here too... it's so soft, I'll probally blend it in with something else, it seems to short to spin on it's own

these rams we're on seperate sides of the fence and were banging their heads on it... men?!!?

check out this drum carder!!

it's for the Mountain sheep, just look at all that soft fiber!

a antalope

the baby geese from before

and their mamma

another owl

some swans

a better pic of one

some prairie dogs

and in their cage was the peacock with it's tail feathers open!!

a badger, these are nasty and mean little animals... Albert asked it " do you need a hug?"
you'll find the humor in it if you have watched the movie

a mule deer

the papa pygmy goat, he was away from the mammas and the babies, but came right up to the fence and let us pet him..... isn't he adorable, he has a huge beard.

this duck was busy making a nest, what a good momma

some rabbits and guinae pigs

and probally the most feirce and scary thing we seen in the park:
The Mini!!

"Please do NOT feed, tease or annoy the Mini!!"


Cathy said...

I enjoyed seeing the photos of the park.

A lot of the animals in the photos we don't have in Australia.


Anonymous said...

Thats a whole lot of pictures girl!!! WOW! my net access dropped off yesterday while i was trying to look at them!

There are some GORGEOUS animals in that lot!