Friday, May 06, 2005

I'm buying a wheel.....

I got the ladies at The Wool Emporium to set a ashford Kiwi aside for me and mom will pick it up tomorrow or tuesday when she goes to the city. I seen >here< how nice it'll look in a cherry finish, very pretty, and theres Danish oil in cherry in town so will go and buy some tomorrow.

The wheel is a present to myself for surviving working at the bakery for 2 yrs, it's a long story but just to let you know things wern't "great" there all the time... the worst part was no schedule. Yep none at all, she's tell you before you left that day what time you worked the next day or she'd phone you sometime before 10pm to let you know...

I've been spinning on a friends daughters wheel for only a couple days now, and I LOVE it!!
and she said I was good at it too and caught on really well, Well that just got me hooked right there ;~)

I told mom that I was going to buy a wheel and she said" what for- can't you just buy the yarn in stores?" I guess she doesn't get it!?!? but thats ok, she'll understand when she gets something nice and soft for Christmas, her birthday is on the 9th of May so she won't get anything spun for

I'll take pics of what I spun when ever I get some good light, we also dyed some of her 2 ply homespun the other day too, such fun, I was tempted to call in sick for work, but decided against it, considering that I need a job for $$$ to feed my new

later gators


Anonymous said...

Oooh I am so jealous!!! I want one! I might have to look into hijacking my older sisters one! lol

Cant wait to see yummy yarn made with it.


Suburban Hooker said...

Oh I just can't wait to see some of your hand dyed, wheel spun yarn!! Have fun and Congratulations!!!!

waveafterwave said...

hi! just hoppin by! :) happy mother's day! :)