Friday, April 29, 2005

hand dyed sock yarn for sale

sock yarn for sale... hand dyed with Kool Aid!!

$15 USD each skein /shipping extra

100g / 440 yards

Gauge: needle size 1-3 : 7-8 stitches / 1"

Hand wash / Dry flat

100% Merino wool

(made in home with pets)

#1 is rainbow dyed, purple, green, orange and red, bright colors.

#2 is mostly orange with some pinks and a couple dabbs of purple, very nice!!

#3 was dyed by my oldest daughter, it has every color and even som enatural white showing, the colors are soft and is pretty.

#4 is my attempt of dyeing with coffee, great for the coffee lover!!

#5 was dyed by my other daughter, this skein is mostly pinks with splotches of blues, greens, purples, oranges, with very little natural white showing.

#6 is dyed mostly yellow, with a bunch of orange, green and purple.

If the skeins are bought that my daughters dyed the money will go to them so they can buy craft supplies, yep, they're crafty too, wonder where they get it from?? lol

Please leave a comment in this post or on the tag board, or you can e-mail me at dandilionacres at sasktel dot net please put sock yarn for sale in the subject line


Anonymous said...

Ooooh I wish I was able to buy some of that!!!!


Suburban Hooker said...

Oh if you still have any when I get ahead again...I will definately be emailing. Sorry that I don't have any money now!!!