Saturday, February 19, 2005

Something smells fishy??

yep.... I bought some fish for the tank the other day.... wednesday to be exact...
the last on the fish ( goldies) died a couple weeks ago, and all I had left was 5 snails... SO... I cleaned and set up the heater... We went to the pet store and bought 4 guppies... all babies... she told me they are 3 girls and 1 boy... but when they're that small you can't tell?? I'm thinking that 3 are boys cuz they are so much smaller than the other one...will have to buy some more girls, cuz you know when the boys "come of age" it'll be one tired little girl fishy!!
I also bought 5 neon tetras, one glass fish (with red stripes) and a catfish.... I still have room for about 12 more fish... I have a 20 gallon tank, I think I might get more neon tetras... they are so pretty!!
I also found some more 2.25mm needles in Zellers too, so I bought 2 more sets... I should of bought more... you know just incase I want to have 2 pairs of socks on the go at once ;~)
In Knitting News, I'm up to the toe decrease on the Backroads socks, and have done another 2 inches on the ribby cardi... it's not much, but better than nothing?!?! right??
I joined up for the Happy Hookers Mystery exchange again, and also the Quick Wearables exchange where you make your partner a pin or ... this time my parnter was Janie.... I made her a (kdsfriuatv) and a (gnuiftruv n)... I'll tell you after she gets it... just in case she reads my blog... I'd HATE to ruin the suprise... and just incase she reads this... Janie I sent off your puffie this morning!! Let me know when you get it!!
I found this cute little blog the other night too... and thought I'd mention it here...
Buster n Me... she knit the most adorable monkey, and the sneaky thing blogs when she's at work?? can you believe that?? well if you don't check out her site!! lol
Well I think I might go and have a looksie for more sock yarn???
Kate I'll send your Package on Monday, I'll post here tho when it's sent for sure!!
I didn't get any of the handspun from that girls I told you about... she never wrote me back!??!?
I'll try again tho...
catchya later

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Anonymous said...

I read Buters n Me! Its so funny isnt it?
I will try and get your parcel posted this week too then! Adam doesnt get paid until about the middle of it though. I havent got those patterns copied out yet for you will have to get that done first. Got the Tim Tams for you!