Tuesday, February 15, 2005

here's a pic of it closed

how sweet... DJ says that if I don't want to use it for hooks to just sew the sides shut and it would be an adorable purse..

what a crafty kid she is!!



Anonymous said...

All looking good chickie! Socks coming along well. Is the bottom of them plain or have you decided to be brave and take the ribbing all around?

Needle case looks pretty!


Jesus Christ Side Project said...

I tried knitting some underwear once... (no seriously)Anyhowz, visit my blog/band/site at www.jcsp.blogspot.com, drop a comment and a link =)

Anonymous said...

Where are ya chickie! Been missing ya! Checking ya blog everyday..been online in msn every day too around 1:30 my time!
Hope all is ok