Sunday, February 13, 2005

rita's needles

ritas needles
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Rita seen the other homemade needles I had made and ordered some for her and her daughter... I sure hope she likes these!! the pink ones have sparkles on the ball... the only prob I have is that with the happy face ones I used a perment marker... and when I sprayed them with the spray paint... well they ran... but very little...but still I can tell and well you know.... I'll prob be the only one who will be able to tell... lol..

I started to work on the ribby cardi again this weekend and am past the spot where I had to frog it before... only 7 more inches before I have to dec for the armholes!! WOO HOO!!

catchya later

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Anonymous said...

Oooh those needles look great! Didnt even notice and problem with them. How are you going on your socks that you designed? Having problems with an of it? I was wondering if you would have problems with the toe decrease. Also cant wait to see more of the Ribby Cardi