Saturday, February 12, 2005

making progress

on my Backroads Socks ( thats what I'm naming them becuz of the 4X4 ribbing )

orangepink handspun sock
Originally uploaded by DandyLion1974.
I was up until just about midnight working on this baby.... it took that long just to turn the heel!! I'm using the short row heel instructions from *wendyknits*... a great pattern, I'm not to sure if I did it the correct way tho... but thats sure not from a lack of trying... I had to frog it once becuz I didn't read the pattern right but thank goodness it was only 6 or 7 rows!
I'm at the point now that I wish I had one more needle... I have the stitches 40, 20 and 20... and the 40 seems to really pull on the outter sts when I get to them... but I looked in my needles and have no more... going to town to try and find more!!

I did a bit of organizing on the blog this morning... and have new catagories on the side... looks neater I think..
Will be adding more links as time goes by.... mainly the only that really helped me in my knitting!!

Dad's back at home again.... will probally head over that way to see him today..

that all folks

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Anonymous said...

Those socks are looking GREAT! I finished one of Sams last night and got the heel turn done of Harleys first one. Getting there. I think Sams will be maybe too big for him. So might give them to Isaac.
That colour of your socks are divine! And you and inspired me to do some ribbed socks!
I have been thinking about having a WIP section too no my blog. Would be a good idea to keep track.
Glad to hear you dad is home too! Hope he is going well.