Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

morning... I'm not saying good morning... I'm sick and tired and HAVE to go to work today!!

SO what have I been up to lately?? hmmmm. lets see

On sunday we ( the family) got volunteered to drive a friend to the city... which is ok becuz I got to go to Michaels... ( it was my first time ;~)) I must say it's my all time favorite store!! even before Wally now!! lol.... I took it easy ( for a lack of money) and only bought 3 balls of LB funfur in Mango... I was looking for a 2.5 mm circular needle about 40 inches long... I want to try socks like that but even Michaels didn't have it... so if anyone is reading this and knows where to get one or has one I'd be happy to pay for the needle and shipping!!

Dad had his surgery yesterday and did great! he had to get a vein replaced in his leg, he had 2 blockages in it and had only 40% circulation,.... not good.... We're going up to see him on the weekend

My camera still won't connect to the computer.... my computer is to old for the drivers it needs to run!?!?!? So now I'm on a mission to sell as much as my craft stuff as possible in order to buy a new computer!! I'll set up some kind of link later to the things I'm selling

Kate I have your stuff just about ready to send... I just need your addy again to make sure it gets to your place this time!!

till next time... have a great day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ahem..What the hell is HUMP day!?!?!? LOL

Emailed you with my address..Can you send me yours again. I am sure I have it but want to make sure its correct.

How are we posting these? I am gonna look into the cost for the quickest way to you. Less chance of it getting lose that way (and I want to hear what you think of it when you get it all! LOL)