Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Zoey and Mona

Zoey and Mona
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introducing my furbabies... well 2 of them anyway... thats Zoey (facing the camera) and Mona. It;'s a old pic as now Mona is about twice the size of Zoey.....I do have a better pic but can't get my pics downloaded to the computer yet!?!?
Zoey is a shiz tzu X norwich terrier and is just about 3 yrs old now.... She was born on Naiomis b-day
Mona is a ( ok are you ready for this...) lab X border collie X minature Shepard X pomeranian...... quite the combo huh?? lol.... she's sure a pretty dog, and smart too!! She was 1 yr on Christmas eve. She is VERY spuky and has loads of energy!!
She comes up to about my knee and isn't going to get any bigger, so she's just small enough to be a house dog....
Zoey is the little thief of the fur babies.... she has it figured out that when she steals something and then when we tell her to "leave it" she gets a treat... well now she steals things just to get the treat, so we have cut out the treats some and started just to give her lots of praise instead, it seems to have cut down her stealing... lol... I really do thing they are worse then kids!!
in the next edition of the furbabies will be our cat Suzie Q.

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They are just gorgeous!!