Sunday, January 02, 2005

orange coronet

coronet orange
Originally uploaded by DandyLion1974.
I finished Naiomi's sock last night and instead of making one more, I started the coronet hat.... I'm using Bernet satin.. sunset... it's such a pretty color, and you can really see the cable..

there's are some mitts here:

now wouldn't these look GREAT with the hat??
well of course they would... what a silly question... lol...

will have to give those a try while waiting for my new yarn to arrive

(big sigh)

to bad eBay couldn't do same day service... how am I ever going to wait possibally 2 or more weeks till it comes??

well catcha later


noricum said...

Ooooo! I love how your coronet is turning out! It really looks good in that yarn. I still need to try that pattern. (Um, I still need to relearn how to knit... my, these holidays have been busy!)

Dandy said...

Thanks Andrea... I'm a new knitter too.. just the past month I started making socks..... that was the first time I did a cable, and it turned out great....

General Ginger said...

Beautiful hat. I made a couple of versions of this hat too.