Tuesday, May 04, 2010

this ones for you Stacy!!

So I was on my way to work this morning on a wonderfuly crappy day... it's May 4th and it's snowing and is super slushy!! Our road has been horrible for weeks... so before we go any further... please get a Corb Lund song into your head.... The Truck got Stuck, comes to my mind.

ok, so I'm driving, bouncing in the holes that is our road, slopping in the slush.

I hit the slush and slowly it sucked me into the ditch.

(sorry about the super small pics I used my phone)

I called our great and awsome neighbours S and T and they came to my rescue and brought me home again.

Later when Albert got home ...he tried to drive it out.


Albert came into the field and then got stuck himself.

Our neighbour J drives by and tries to get Albert unstuck....

AND get stuck himself.

oh bugger!!

they play tug or war and eventually J is free and he gets alb free too.

Meanwhile B drives down the road and lends us his chain ( we had a rope but it wasn't long enough)

both trucks got out but we had to leave the van in the field until B came back from town.

he came by picked up Alb and pulled the van out.

Thank goodness for great neighbours!!

it reminded me of old times when we used to go and try and get stuck on purpose!!

good times!!
and because it's a knitting blog... here's my latest cardi
I used just under 2 skeins of Knitpicks shimmer *baylou*
and a 3.5 mm circ
it's so light and pretty
I used feather and fan for the collar and sleeve cuffs.
it kinda reminds me of a camo looking material... but prettier..lol
till next time...

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