Thursday, April 16, 2009


So with the baby coming in November I thought I better get crackin' lol
I found some superwash roving and had left over dys from easter egg dyeing.
I wanted bright color... good for either a girl or boy... really when they're that little it doesn't matter I think.
so I dyed, nuked and let it cool.
maybe I didn't add enough vinegar??
or maybe I didn't nuke it enough??
but I have pastel colors.... perfect for a girl!


and spun....
looks mostly pinky, pastelly, girly.
I hope baby is going to be a girl!

oh well!??


Megan said...

This came out beautiful! I am so jealous of your spinning skills!

Jane said...

That's beautiful - how do you do that?!

Bea said...

Its beautiful. Who would have guessed it would be so pinkish purple?

aksunflour said...

i love dyeing with leftover egg dyes now. lovely spun up yarn.