Sunday, March 08, 2009


for my kauni to arrive...

I started the fireside cardi... super easy sweater, just a bit time consuming with all the cables.

this pic is closest to the true color

since I took this picture I've added another button and will soon start increasing on the back.

We also made a new bigger house for the guinea pigs... it's about 5 times the size of what they were living in... they're so much happier now... the only thing we need is a lid so the cat doesn't decide she wants to have a little snack... so nights we put them back in the little house.

We used this site ( only made our cage (36X 64 inches) miniature from how big theirs is (ginormous))

more in the morning... stay tuned...

nighty night....
10 hours later...
I just had to take time first thing this morning to Thank Ariel for the I heart your blog button, I should of did this LONG ago.

And a Thank You to Lara for the Kreative Blogger Award too.

Now I have to Nominate 5 others... so the ppl I nominate, I nominate for Both Buttons

1. Jane

2. Kate

3. Val

4. Hepsi

5. Monika

In other Bloggy news... Shelly is having a contest.

Happy Monday!!


lara griffiths said...

they look like very happy furry things in their new home :)

cant wait to see your fireside when it is done!

Suburban Hooker said...

Your cardi is looking warm and snuggly already, can't wait to see it finished!!

The gp's look like they're having fun, I bet it's hard to get them to be happy in the small bedtime box!!

Hepsi said...

I just noticed these awards! Thank you! I am so pleased!!! =D
I love your blog, too!