Saturday, March 14, 2009

Holiday Vest

I have a vest so far...
I think if I knit this again... I don't think I'll twist the back cables together?!? I'm not to sure if I really like that or the original??
it does need a good blocking and that should give me more length that I need I really should of added a couple more inches to the body, but I didn't want a full length jacket either.

till next time... keep on knitting.
(I will be ~ lol)


Yarn Devil said...

Your vest looks great! Your cable cross in the back makes it look narrower at the waist. The length looks good.. but length is always a personal comfort thing. Beautiful work though.

sophanne said...

That is incredible.

Anonymous said...

omg i love it!! looks gorgeous :D

Lupie said...

So beautiful! You are the Cable Queen!