Sunday, March 29, 2009

holiday cardi revisited

Last night I ripped out the bottom seam, picked up the sts and knit another 2 inches... the length is perfect now!

theres a pink marker where I started knitting again:

then it went for a soak:

I added some color... Wilton royal blue, vinegar and some heat.

I love the color.... BUT, there are some splotches... purple and a brighter blue.

Now what??

I think what the problem is that I didn't mix the dye enough and some if it settled in certain spots and left brighter colors.

Back to the dye pot...

Oh and I spun today too.... boy it's been a long time!

wanna see??

I only had a bit of each of the main colors, so I searched my stash and found some acrylic yarn to ply it with

I plied the black and pick with some white with a silver running through it and plied the orange/green/purple with a soft fuzzy grey.. it really mutted the colors and looks so much better! Not alot of each, about 120 yrds of the black pink and about 100 yrds of the other... so I added it to my stash relocation box... it's now living downstairs with my handspun

Boy it was nice outside today too.... I had to take the dog for a walk. We went about 5 kms.

I can't wait for spring to fully arrive!!

Till next time...

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aksunflour said...

good luck on redyeing.

and i am so with you on wishing spring would arrive- we got 4 inches of snow last night. yuck!
but the upside is the sun now has warmth to it.