Thursday, March 19, 2009

dirty, dirty cardi

I gave the holiday cardi a little bath tonight...
can I get a eewwwwww.

thats some dirty water.

I think in blocking it, I gained a couple inches... that may be just enough so I don't have to rip out the bottom and knit it longer.. but we'll see after I wear it some more.
I do think I'm going to dye it too... a darker brown maybe??
I don't like this color on me... any opinions??


Jane said...

I happen to love that color so I'm probably not a good one to ask!
The sweater is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

i think the colour looks good on you..but a darker brown would look nice too.

noricum said...

Wow, what was *in* that yarn?!? Was it raw wool?

I liked the colour in the last post, but looking at the water, I'm guessing it may have changed colour. ;)