Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a couple of FO's from the past few days

Naiomi had asked me months ago for a shrug... I forgot so inbetween my bigger projects she pipes up and asks" so when are you making my shrug??"
well right now, lets go pick out some yarn!
I used stash yarn in a nice teal blue.
it's just a top down raglan v-neck.
she had wanted a hood and longer sleeves but I didn't have enough for all of that.
But she's happy with it!
Since I finished the shrug yesterday morning and I had the day off... I had to find something else to do... and I did most of it yesterday too...
using more stash yarn.
I'm going to embroider around one owl like this how adorable is that??

I'm waiting to finish it until I hear back from the parents on some measurements...

till next time...


Jane said...

I love the shrug - great color. The owl vest really is adorable!

noricum said...

What an amazingly adorable owl! Thanks for the link!!