Monday, January 12, 2009

running stitches

For a couple yrs now we've had a running machine/treadmill/coat hanger( or whatever you want to call it) in the house... I used it a bit, a very little bit when we first got it. We traded our stationary bike for it from dad. It's down in the basement, which isn't really all too bad, since it's cool down there... a good spot to do a bit of walking.

Last week I decided that it needed to be used when I weighed myself and realized some of the turkey from Christmas and New Years was stuck to my ass. OK well it could be more than just the turkey... probally some of the suprize spread, the squares and cakes... oh and the stuffing and gravy too. Couldn't shake it off anywhere!!

I went on it 4 times last week.



Day 1 - I went 4kms

day 2 - 2.5kms ( I was really hurting after day 1)

day 3 - 3kms

day 4 - 3 kms

and yesterday I went another 4kms

it's still hard but I think I'll keep it up... I don't push myself to the death, the 4 kms took me about 20 mins... hopefully over time I'll get a little faster and if not well thats ok too.

I'm setting up a "score card" for myself on the sidebar, just so I can tell how far I've gone and maybe it'll keep me motivated??

I finished one sock I was working on too and started the second one, wanna see??

the yarn is Maizy from Crystal Palace Yarns

82% corn fiber 18% elastic nylon
I won it from Crystal probally last yr.
the yarn itself is very splitty but the fabric is so nice and squishy I really love it...
now I don't know how warm corn fiber is so I bet these will be summer socks.
catchya later


Katidids said...

Great job with the exercise! Can you knit and walk ???

Linda said...

Great job getting started with the exercise. Is there someone you can walk with? My friend Karen and I walk together - 4.5 miles each day, and we walk an average of 4 times per week. It really helps a lot to have someone else to walk with - you feel guilty if you wimp out and have company if you are miserable. LOL.