Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ravelympic Sweater and Socks

I finally finished Naiomis Socks!! I sat and knit ALL DAY LONG sunday and finished 95% of sock #2.

Naiomi loves them, altho the pattern doesn't line up, somehow I messed up the row count and the gauge, but so I made sure that the colors match and both socks fit the same.. weird..but the main thing is that Naiomi likes them, and they're a bit to big for her so she should be able to wear them this winter! Man that kid grown fast!

and I started another sock, it's a combo of my Cunningham socks and Hepsi's Country Girl socks.

I'm going to use her chart for the heel of her socks ( since it's the same sts count as the top of mine :)) only instead of the purl sts I'm going to add in a YO and a k2tog/ssk I hope it looks ok.

It was storming all day sunday too... hence all the knitting.

here's the sky after... so pretty... I like how the bright sky is pushing thru the dark clouds.

I joined the Ravelympics! I'll be knitting with Team Canada!

Go Canucks!!

I'll be knitting February Lady, with kauni yarn.

I frogged my Kauni Flower sweater to use the yarn... I just wasn't feeling the pattern anymore so it had to go. Since I needed the yarn doubled and I wanted the colors to be the same throughout I grabbed my yarn and over 2 hours later I had a huge ball of yarn with the colors matched! I did pretty good I have only 2 partial balls left if I need I can still match those up as well.

and I'm planning on knitting a pair of socks for mom as well... that will be my take along project for the ravelympics.
thats all for now folks....

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