Friday, July 25, 2008

Amanda Sock #1 is done!

Amanda Sock #1 003, originally uploaded by craftydandymomma.

I had started this sock again, with 8 eatra sts, with the sts on top of the sock I cabled them so it would match the pattering of the rest... I think it really looks nice.

I did 3 repeats of chart 1, then increased 22 sts on the bottom of the foot for the gusset, I ended up with 56 sts for the heel after the turn so I followed the pattern for the cable on the back of the sock...

Naiomi loves them!!

and when her feet are to big they'll fit me too.


sophanne said...

Those are cutedorable!

aksunflour said...

wowzer! Love those cables and wow on the stripes.

Deb said...

They're awesome! I LOVE LOVE the colours in that yarn!