Sunday, April 06, 2008

so much going on.. where should I start??

well lets start here...
after Daisy (our hamster) died we wanted to try something new...
and so we bought some fancy mice...
the white one is Minnie and the brown one is Izzy.

they are so entertaining... the brown one runs on the wheel and the white one holds on for dear life!! lol she goes around and around and around... her record is 10 times.
Suzie likes them too...
she's a REALLY good baby sitter!!
a couple weeks ago a seismic crew came by our town... they're looking for potash.
one of their signs just down our road
it says "seismic crew and cable crossing"
do they knit too??
they have sticks!
the green arrows mark where the sticks are in the field.
about a week ago they brought in a helicopter to start dropping cables
this is just in the field across from our house

Buck was worried that the helicopter was to close to his girls and was staring it down!! he didn't take his eyes off of it until it took off again.

the yellow bag is what had the cables in.. the pink arrow is where the helicopter is flying
they pulled cables all over the place.. in the fields across the roads... they drilled holes and will use dynamite to do the testing to see if there is any potash around here.

I got my kauni yarn from Funknits early in the week

the plain brown is alpaca ( not from my animals) and will be used inside the cuffs and around the neck.
I had to take out ALOT to check the colors... I started with a brown/ gold combo.

so far it's coming along ok... I don't have much to show so there will be no picture until I have at least 1/2 a chart done... there's 44 rows in the chart... I'm at 11... it might be awhile...

till next time....

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Bea said...

Love those mice. So cute! I can't believe you cat likes them! (rolling my eyes) Can't wait to see the new sweater.