Friday, April 11, 2008

so I'm knitting along......



knitting and it's like magic my grey yarn turns into orange!!!


my other ball i'm knitting from at the same time is orange.

you won't be able to see any pattern with both balls the same color...


I had to split the yarn and take a whole section of orange!

I fixed it and knit on....

I've finished a whole chart, plus 4 rows

I think I might have to knit the chart 3 times to get to the shoulder.. I just hope it doesn't end in the middle of the chart or a stupid place like that...

the chart is a long one, just for the stem of the flower to go the other way on the second flower... theres 44 rows in the chart and when it's done it's just under 20 cms!

I'm planning on making the sleeves plain, with maybe just the flower part of the chart near the cuff... we'll see tho when I get there.

in other Kauni news... have you seen this???

( pic from Ruths site)

isn't it awsome... I can see it in blues and whites/pinks and wear it with jeans... yeppers you betchya I ordered the pattern... and I pinky promise NOT to buy the yarn for it until I FINISH the flower kauni.

I'm thinking of these colors:

main color:

contrast color:

how gorgeous would that be??

yeah I'll get out of the kauni obsession.....

some day....

maybe when I try all the

are you sick of me talking about it yet??


ok here you go then... my Mother-in-Laws Tongue plant bloomed today:

want to hear a little story about the plant??


So when we moved to Elfros back in 1980 our neighbour had this plant... now how long she had it before I'm not to sure, she decided she didn't want it anymore and just threw it out by the garbage cans in the back alley... mom seen it there and asked if she could take it... it's been through many moves, from house to house to the farm to town again... then a couple yrs ago mom asked if I wanted it, if not she was going to thow it away... well it's like 30 + yrs old, heck yeah I'll take it... I just put it into a bigger pot about a month ago, with some dirt that I had mixed with some alpaca poop... well the Tongue must love the mixture because this is the first time ever I have seen it bloom!!

thats all...

till next time


aksunflour said...

Oh wow! your plant looks so happy and healthy. And I never thought that they bloomed!

Love your yarn choices.

Crystal said...

Your plant looks great. I have a plant like that, when I moved in to a house the people that moved out just threw it in the bushes. I put the little thing in a pot (it was about 18 inches). Its still alive and about 4 1/2 feet tall now. Even without the alpaca poop :)

Jane Doe Jenn said...

My grandmother gave me her plant, and it's never bloomed. It looks a little different, too. It doesn't go straight up, but goes all over the place. Very interesting to look at, and it's great for conversations!

Thanks for posting the photo.