Thursday, March 27, 2008

what I woke up to this morning

about 2 inches of SNOW!!!!

come on... it's March 27th!!!

Spring where are you!?!?!


Jane said...

Yesterday I started out for work - It was snowing - and got behind the school bus which couldn't make it up the hill in front of us. I backed down, the bus backed down. The bus got back up, I turned around and went home! I am so tired of white knuckle driving on slippery roads!!!!

aksunflour said...

The best part of Spring Snow is that it will melt very soon, not to mention how pretty it is. Skiing anyone?(we are expecting snow for the next 4 days.. in the meantime it is Sunny and 33 F. How much melting can happen at that temp?)

Bea said...

I think all of spring is staying in Texas. We hit 80+ for a number of hours yesterday and the day before. I'll try to send some of that your way! Incidentally this is the first year in a while that we haven't had a snow/ice day.

ponyknit said...

Kind of confused here in Massachusetts too. Thanks for stopping by my blog to enter, and also for posting my contest! Gathering entries now! Awesome Kauni!