Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ugly sleeves outside and innards

just look at all those ends to tuck in... omg

I told the girls this morning that maybe I'll just bring them all through to the right side for fringe!!

you should of seen the looks I got....

there will be no fringe... ;)

But I'm pretty sure I can stuff a pillow with the ends..lol
I'll pick up the button band tonight.
Kris thanks for the offer, but you sent so much stuff already...
I'll just wait till payday


sophanne said...

sucks to be weaving and picking up stitches but it is adorable.

aksunflour said...

The fringe actually looks good! Makes it look kind of Indian tribal.

Good job on the sweater.... and it is made so well that long after you are gone the sweater shall live on. (you horrify your kids w/it now... but your grandkids will dig it out of the storage box and wear it w/pride.)

Kris said...

That sweater's certainly a great stash buster, my dear! Lol. I'd have so much fun horrifying the kiddies with it if I were you. ;)

Anonymous said...

you would almost look like some strange cowgirl if you gave it the fringes...lol

it looks great! cant wait to see it finished.