Friday, March 21, 2008

sewing and cutting kauni steeks and other stuff

ok so a couple days ago I went to feed the alpacas before work... I noticed that pebbles looked different... she had a toothless smile!!!her 2 front teeth are missing!! OMG... what happened ??

she had them the day before, she couldn't of gnawed them down that much over night??? or could she?? she was eating, not as fast as usual, but was eating so I went to work, gonna ask Albert when I see him if he knows what it might be... well I couldn't take it any longer so I went and check online at work... here I find out that alpacas loose their baby teeth when they're about 2.5 yrs old... she's gonna be 3 in june... so just about right on schedule... what a relief that was to find out that she's only losing teeth and it was nothing serious...
( I'll try and get a picture tomorrow)

Sierras next!

and for the past week Daisy our little hamster hasn't been doing good.. she's been eating just a bit and not running on her wheel at all... the last 2 days she hardly moved... I noticed last night she was dying.... she took her last breath this morning... we're gonna miss you little girl!

... Zoey is always underfoot... I move to the computer, she's under my chair... go to the kitchen... she's there... here's she is holding down my balls of yarn... every time I needed more she's have to wake up, move her head... I since then moved the balls into a box... not such a good helper when your knitting but if you ever need a dog to hold your yarn down she's the one!

and onto the Kauni....where the black diamonds are, are my 3 needle bind off for the shoulders... neat huh?? once it's blocked you wouldn't even be able to tell ;)
and both of them..

I cut the steeks at moms after super tonight... I didn't have the shoulders done then so sewing them with the circ. in place was a bit tricky.
look ma knitting with scissors

I I asked Naiomi to take pics for me when I cut my sweater... her eyes got big and says to me" YOUR GONNA CUT IT!!!"
I tell her yes your supposed to.... she was more nervous than I
I added some extra support under the cardi... I was more scared of cutting the wrong (back) sts than actually cutting the sweater in half!

( moving up the cardboard)

yeah I did it... now onto the sleeves..
sleeve one

sleeve 2

I knit a V-neck into the cardi instead of following the original pattern... are you suprised?? lol.. I can never follow a pattern all the way through.
I'm very pleased that it worked!!

it's not even close to being done and I wanted to wear it
I had to show it off of course!!

see... ALBERT... see!!!
in this pic I'm telling him about how nicely the shoulder seam looks...;)
see... Albert look at it!!
tomorrow I'm going to cast on for the sleeves, I'm doing what I read in ravelry is what they call a chinese steek... knitting both together with steeks between then, then I'll have to sew and cut them before I sew them to the cardi... it'll be more work, but at least my sleeves will match up... mismatched sleeves arn't for me.
till next time.....


Kris said...

Eeeee the Kauni is looking awesome! I am now required to be uber jealous of your knitting skillz. Lol.

Sorry to hear about Daisy. :( It's really sad that you always have to say goodbye to your loved pets. It's torn me up more times then I'd care to count. But I can't resist helping another wee creature to have a great life.

aksunflour said...

OH WOW! good job. Was concerned that you cut your circular- but glad to see that you didn't.

How sad about Daisy.

Monika said...

It's beautiful, and so much work. I could not do it!