Monday, March 10, 2008

The contest is over... and.....

you know since I picked up the kauni again...

ripped and cast on once more it's been going great...

I knit on it off and on all day today .....

wanna see??

first this is what I had before them frogged:

and what I have done now:

nice huh??

boy I like it...

and the colors are starting to change to it's getting exciting, and I don't want to put it down.

ok now for the contest..

since thats why your here


not one person got it

so I was thinking~ should I just toss all the names into a hat??

or go for the person who guessed the closest??

I went for the latter

Katt you were the closest with your guess of 300

there were actually 255 ends...

and that was before I did the pockets... ( which I didn't include)

and that was a extra 8 ends

do you wanna see what you've won??

ok well blogger isn't letting me post any more pics... so maybe I'll either try later.. or it'll be a suprise?!?

do you want to e-mail me your address again Kate, I don't know if I have it or not anymore

thanks for playing everyone!


sophanne said...

I didn't really say 60 did I? Yipes!

Anonymous said...

YAY i won!!!!!!!!!

okies I will email you my postal address..I cant wait to see what i won :D