Sunday, February 24, 2008

to frog or not to frog

I'm only talking about the sleeve... see how it sits??

from the back:
do you think it's ok??
I was thinking to maybe do a set in sleeve??
or should i just keep going??
I do like how stripes are all matchy matchy
what do you think??


Yarn Devil said...

Your sweater looks good. Do you like it? I would carry on with the sleeve... that's me though...

aksunflour said...

I like the matchy thing going on. But have never made a sweater before so.. haven't the foggiest about what a set in sleeve is versus what you are doing now.

It is amazing that our kids are willing to try stuff on w/pins and needles poking out all over.. maybe it isn't to surprising that they don't want to wear the stuff when it is finally done.