Sunday, February 03, 2008


The Rainbow socks are hot off the needles.... the only thing I wish for these socks is that the yarn would of been superwash... it's knitpicks sock memories.. which is 100% handwash wool.... they're gonna get their first taste of a saskatchewan winter tomorrow when they'll accompany my footsies to work... we'll see how they do..
next on the block are Nonas sidewinder socks... for DJ.
knitting them with opal cotton # 1335
***update... the socks are WONDERFUL!!!
my toes wern't cold once all day!
and thats really a miracle with my feet.
I did cast on for the sidewinders... but wasn't feeling the love for them... so I frogged after 3 rows... now I feel like i'm in a slump...
maybe I'll just cast on for some plain reg. boring socks..
or maybe a hat??
I do have some pretty funky pink yarn that I got from Kris in the coffee exchange....
now just to find a pattern to match the yarn.


sophanne said...

those are some cool looking socks. perfect yarn-perfect pattern

noricum said...

They look awesome! (I'm a big fan of superwash for socks too.)

Monika said...

They look great! Be careful, just gently handwash them! I've felted two pairs with this wool so far. :o)

Kris said...

You're a sock knitting fiend aren't you?! They look great, though!

aksunflour said...

they are really pretty- hope that your toes stay warm! It is COLD over here.

Michele said...

those socks are knocking my socks off! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

those socks look EXCELLENT!!!