Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the cat came back

we thought he was a gonner

but the cat came back 24 days later

he just couldn't stay away....


ok, so the day after he left it turned -51c cold... and it's never been really warm again since... maybe a day or so here and there... but we thought with no food and no warm place to live he wouldn't make it....

I got home from work today and Albert is outside.. and says look who's back!!

holy crap!!

couldn't believe it.

and he's been eating somewhere he's still the pudgy guy that left here.

nice to have him back....he might have a little visit with the vet so he doesn't go wandering again!!

and lookie what DJ drew today:

she did if from a pic I took of my cat I had growing up... it's a good likeness.

and it's huge... about 2.5 feet square!

it's nice... I should get it framed.

I finished the baby blanket I started last week... it's for my cousin who's having a little girl in July.

I also carded and spun some of pebbles fiber last week too.

the colors off but you get the drift


till next time....

Oooo.. wait before you go there's a contest

Days Go By

you only have till friday, but tell her that I sent ya.



I think I just found the pattern I was looking for to use the pink funky yarn I got from Kris... The Amanda Hat (ravelry link)
I'm casting on tonight!!


noricum said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear your kitty is safe. :)

aksunflour said...

I was wondering about your cat... so happy to hear that he is ok and home.

the Amanda hat is cute!

Kris said...

I'm super glad that your cat came back and that he's still in great condition! And I'm also glad that you found a use for that pink yarn that I just couldn't refuse to send your way! Lol!