Monday, January 21, 2008

Rider Pride

first things first.. I finished another koolhaas on friday.
they're great I didn't even need the chart for this hat!!

and friday was also Rider Pride day at school.. again.

the reason... 4 riders were bringing the grey cup to the hockey game on sunday... so what the elemetary school did you have to dress up in your best Rider green and white and some of the Monarchs ( the hockey team guys)

were going to pick out 4 kids to go out to center ice before the game to meet the riders.

This is what Naiomi wore:

the shirt I got from my boss when a new store (that makes any kind of t-shirt you want) opened in Humboldt just before the grey cup

she made the funky little hat herself.... AND that hat is why she won.. the Monarchs liked the hat!!

here she is at the rink with the players.. the other kids who wons and George ( holding the cup)must be the monarch GM or something?!?! I don't know... but he sure didn't let go of the

the riders name???

well all I can remember is some "Chunky..somebody... "

Matt Dimungus ( probally spelt wrong)

and I don't know who... I'll fill you in when Albert gets home

#33 Chris Szarka, the tall dude 3rd from the right

#51 Marcus Adams, they called him Chunky.. 2nd from the right

#32 Neal Hughes.. the last guy on the right

and #88 Matt Dominguez ( boy did I spell that wrong before)..on the far left

DJ and Naiomi went up and got the shirt signed

Since Albert paid $5 for me to get into the game I thought I should stay... well about 5 mins into the first period I was BORED!!!!

I should of brought my knitting... but didn't...

I went home when there was 7 mins left in the first period... I just couldn't handle it any more.

I knit on the socks I'm making for Naiomi

I'm using more Knitpicks Swish that I got from Iva ( and a bit of acrylic for the stripes) it's worsted weight so these socks are going super fast!! I cast on 40 sts on 3.75mm circs magic looping them all the way... I started out with 2 socks on 1 circ.. but it was slowing me way down!! I took one off and finished 1 sock in a day... I'm up to tthe heel turn on sock #2 now... these socks are so nice and warm I'm glad Naiomi and myself have the same size feet... so when she's not wearing them curling I get to wear them

When I came back later to pick them up.... Albert told me that he won 2 rider tickets for a game this yr... cool beans... I hope live football is more exciting than hockey...

I'll be taking my knitting just incase!

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aksunflour said...

Way to go! That is so cool to get that kind of recognition when you are a kid!

I just finished my first pair of mittens- they were super EASY! Now to have them fit the person that they are being made for.