Friday, November 23, 2007

a tire

a funny little story:
the other day our Sun Life dude, Jeremy, came by to talk about our coverage.
so he's going on and on with numbers and stuff... yeah what ever...
( I did get it after he explained it
and then explains that since were switching policies that there might be a cheque coming our way...
so I start talking to Albert about getting a Joy wheel, which is what I always wanted...
Jeremy doesn't say a thing... just keeps on typing on his computer.
Yesterday he stops by at work for me to sign the papers... and says you will be getting a cheque......
"now you can buy the tire"
I gave him a funny look
"a tire, OH, you mean a wheel, a spinning wheel"
(he didn't know what it's for so I explained to him)
then he says I thought is was weird the other day that you were going to buy ONE tire... but to each their
funny guy.


aksunflour said...

LOL! it could have been a pottery wheel that you were talking about.

sophanne said...

And no doubt he understood after you explained it AGAIN. I'm with you on the old zoning out on that stuff.