Saturday, November 10, 2007

there's a malfunction at the junction

we have to use some kind of cement stuff to level the floor before we can put the laminate down... we did the dining room. and since the living room is rather new, it should be good right?? yeah thats what we thought too, so we started putting the floor down... got to row 3 and everthing was going ok... row 4, problem, there is a small valley in the floor.. WTF!!

so move the flooring we did already, mix

up some cement, wait 3 hours.

move the floor back... it's going good... I started to mark where the register will go and dj is playing with the level behind me

"it's not level here, kinda like a tetter totter," OMG... yep, we need more cement! the store is closed till tuesday and only if we can get a hold of someone that works at the store and only if they are nice enough to go to work on they're weekend off... we won't get the floor done this weekend!?!?

bummer cuz we both have the whole weekend off!!

I guess I'll go knit.

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